The sandy beaches of Stegna are considered to be unique for there natural beauty, offering the visitors of the village the opportunity for endless hours of enjoyment in the Crystal waters of the Mediterranean sea and the endless Greek Sunshine.

Beach bars, and a variety of water sports are also offered for those who seek more cosmopolitan features for their vacation.
In the center of the Village you can find Discos, Bars, as well as, shops, banks and post office.
The nightlife of the area is not considered as a party zone, but besides that the nightclubs and bars of the area will satisfy every travelers summer nights.

Transportation with buses and taxis are available from the center of Stegna and Arhangelos village to all around the island. Car rentals are also available for those who would like to explore Tourist attractions of the Island.


The village of Arhangelos is regarded as one of the most faithful to the village traditions. Once you make your way into the narrow streets, you will understand why: crafts and skills of their grandfathers are kept alive, bread is still baked in wood-fired ovens, marriages are done in a traditional ways and they still speak in their own distinctive idiom.

Archangelos has about 8,000 inhabitants. The church of the Archangel Michael is located in the center of the village, with its campanile dating from 1845.
The tratitional houses painted in vivid colors and their arches and walls decorated with ceramic plates from Lindos, which makes the narrow streets arround the church retain a distinctive atmosphere.

On the slopes of the nearby Mt. Strongylos there still live some of the small, black, wild horses of the region, which the local people used in times gone by for threshing the grain. On high ground about three kilometres from the village, on the road to the beach at Stegna, lies the cave of Koumellos, famous for its extraordinary stalactites. Many local people claim that the cave communicates with the sea. The cave is definitely worth a visit; you can get the key from the Town Hall.

Municipality of Rhodes
Phone Center: (0030) 2241046200

Rhodes General Hospital

Phone Center: (0030) 2241080000
Emergency Number: 166 (applicable inside Greece)


Emergency Number: 100 (applicable inside Greece)
Rhodes Department: (0030) 2241023849, 2241044140
Airport Department: (0030) 2241082882
Traffic Division: (0030) 2241044132
Security Division: (0030) 2241023294
Tourism Division: (0030) 2241027423
Fire Department
Emergency Number: 199 (applicable inside Greece)
Forrest Fire Center: 191 (applicable inside Greece)
Phone Center: (0030) 2241023333, 2241023334

Rhodes Port Authority: (0030) 2241022220, 2241028888

Phone: 121 (applicable inside Greece)
Electrical Services: 1050 (applicable inside Greece) & (0030) 2241027330

Water Services: (0030) 2241064850

Greek National Tourism Organization
Phone Center: (0030) 2241044330

Prefecture of Dodekanese
Phone Center: (0030) 2241046500

Rhodes Customs Service

Secretariat: (0030) 2241027358
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